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October 2023 Championship Show 

Dogs - Keith Thornton

Bitches - Editha Newton




BD and BiS - Creme Anglaise's Just Julian with Silkridge TAF

RBD - Demerlay Eye of the Tiger 

BB and BoS - Crosscop She's a Lady at Ardencote

BPIS - Palmik Take me Home

BVIS -  Barmoll Bag O'Tricks

Bitch Classes:

Veteran Bitch (7-9 Years) 9:2a

1st - Barmoll Bag O'Tricks

2nd - Rainfield RainLookout

3rd - Shirotae Solo Suprise

Res - Ringmore Day Lilly

VHC - Tarward Ginetta

Veteran Bitch (10 Years and over) 3:0a

1st - Shirotae Gin Sing VW 

2nd - Tarward Willow JW

3rd - BlueFlight Snow Fairy

Res - 

VHC - 

Minor Puppy Bitch 8:0a

1st - Palmik Take me Home

2nd - Falconcrag Drama Queen

3rd - Bowdonia Sky Full of Stars

Res - Gilnockie Kinda Cool

VHC - Cyangrange Indian Summer at Runforest

Puppy Bitch 6:0a

1st - Cyangrange Tango Mango

2nd - Creme Anglaise's Lady Bridgerton of Citycroft (imp Ned)

3rd - Creme Anglaise's Lady Wistledown (atc BA16049NLD)

Res - Ranveli Royal Touch

VHC - Citycroft Shape of You Via Erbys

Junior Bitch 15:0a

1st - Doddridge Strictly Cha Cha

2nd - Lolani Fountains Cockoo

3rd - Creme Anglaise's Cassablanca with Silkridge (Imp Ned)

Res - Demerlay Ebony Eyes

VHC - Maccus Fire Will Reign 

Yearling Bitch 11:2a

1st - Palmik Truth About Love JW

2nd - Shalfleet Easter Sonnet

3rd - Kierpark Just a Song at Zeglynn

Res - Jothryn Behond Blonde Avec Penwincoed

VHC - Freehamlet Saint Cecilia

Maiden Bitch 6:1a

1st - Palmik Take me Home

2nd - Cyangrange Indian Summer at Runforest

3rd - Royal Tudor Storm Diana of Ohoka

Res - Dapperdiva Four Roses

VHC - Little Black Sissi

Special Beginners Bitch 17: 1 / 1wd

1st - Afterglow Princess Royale for NeviWesh

2nd - Freehamlet Saint Matilda

3rd - Kierpark Just a Song at Zeglynn

Res - Jothryn Beyond Blonde Avec Penwincoed

VHC - Lolani Glamorous in Satin at Velandor

Graduate Bitch 15:6a

1st - Kuriwao Serrafina Star

2nd - Harmonia Alberta of Demerlay

3rd - Crosscop Tickled Pink at Stonefox

Res - Barmoll Butterfly Flip

VHC - Barnesmore Blue Dahlia Gorbain

Post Graduate Bitch 11: 3a

1st - Khabaray Olive D'Champers

2nd - Brochinbelle Ooh La La at Bowdonia

3rd - Barnesmore Dream the Blues Gorbain

Res - Silkridge Saffron of Fletchgate

VHC - Shirotae Paws for a Song

Mid Limit Bitch 10:4a

1st - Gilnockie Have Faith

2nd - Crosscop You are My Desitiny at Ardencote

3rd - Zoraden You are my Universe JW

Res - Veredon Veuve Cliquot Avec Torbers

VHC -Railfied Quatrain

Limit Bitch 19:4a

1st - Veredon Laurent Perrier For Aphrael

2nd - Osterfen Lakota at Stonefox

3rd - Loroli Life a Rollercoaster at Derohan

Res - Citycroft Starfall JW

VHC - Silkridge in a Moment at Mazargo

Open Bitch 17:0a

1st - Crosscop Shes a Lady at Ardencote

2nd - Cobyco Cover Girl

3rd - Envisage This at Supeta

Res - Lolani Spiced Gold

VHC - Torbers Rare Magic

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Veteran Dog (7 - 9Years) 9:2a

1st - Jimanica Just Dreaming

2nd - Ch CityCroft Sundae with Oxana JW ShCM ShCEx VW

3rd - Creme Anglaises One More Knight at Scarletfair (Imp Ned)

Res - Willingwisp Loose Ur Shirt at Doddridge

VHC -Padstian Pip in New York VW

Veteran Dog (10 Years and Over) 5:0a

1st - Blueflight tiger Mist

2nd - Ch Maidenbower Make Believe

3rd - Dark Wing

Res - Lelaps Expelliarmus

VHC - Rowangarth Wind of Change by Fletchgate

Minor Puppy Dog 8:0a

1st - Palmik I Know what I like at Moonshadow

2nd - Shalfleet Chasing the Dream

3rd - Falconcrag Fit For a King

Res - Palmik Turn it on Again

VHC - Ballenbreich Harris

Puppy Dog 9:3a

1st - Ballenbreich Harris

2nd - Shalfleet River Lord

3rd - Citycroft Jules Rimet for Railfield

Res - Hijacked of Suriya

VHC - Ranveli Royal Duke of Dawnsafon

Junior Dog 6:1a

1st - Demerlay Eye of the Tiger

2nd - Cobyco Catch Your Eye

3rd - Richclass From Here on Out

Res - Springfern Wild Thing at Crosscop

VHC - Coppermow Harfang Avec Elstoto

Yearling Dog 13:1a

1st - Showline Signature (ATC AZ36141NOR)

2nd - Lolani Ride a Wild Trail

3rd - Penwincoed Major North of Hareghyll

Res - Tmblers Adagio

VHC -Edenwhip Love at First Sight For Neviwesh

Maiden Dog 4:0a

1st - Palmik I Know What I Like at Moonshadow

2nd - Palmik Turn it on Again

3rd - Moleswell Osborne

Res - Winterfellin is a Free Elf at Ziradash


Special Beginners Dog 12:1a

1st - Penwincoed Major North of Hareghyll

2nd - Starkindler Space Odyssey

3rd - Zeglynn Hello You

Res - Moleswell Osborne

VHC - Chiendetom Andante

Graduate Dog 21:5a

1st - Demerlay Eye of the Tiger

2nd - Jubrancy Spring Vacation

3rd - Almakaeala Just Go With It

Res - Fantastic Fred

VHC - Starkindler Space Odyssey

Post Graduate 10:2a

1st - Rogansrock Vital Quest

2nd - Ranveli Beach Boy at Scarletfair

3rd - Crosscop Born to Move For Jubrancy

Res - Indian Chief at Tarward

VHC - Tumblers Westwood Prince Liam

Mid Limit Dog 8:3a

1st - Denimblue Willdo JW

2nd - Kidaruka its Showtime at Oxana JW

3rd - Collooney Was Meant to be at Sulahmara JW

Res - Citycroft Fred Astaire

VHC -Sail on Sailor to Penwincoed

Limit Dog 14:4a

1st - Shalfleet Making Waves

2nd - Collooney Charlie Brown at Scarletfair JW

3rd - Crosscop Who's The Daddy at Cotherstone

Res - Luckhurst Rainbow Warrior

VHC - Collooeny The Big Tease

Open Dog 19:1a

1st - Creme Anglasie just julian with silkridge TAF

2nd - Ch Collooney Eye Love to Tease at Stonefox

3rd - Ch Ranveli Diki Diki

Res - TBC

VHC - Collooney Eat my Shorts at Runforest JW

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