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Results October 2022 Championship Show 
Dog Judge - Helen Rishworth

Bitch Judge - Jo Beckett Hughes




















Dog CC - Aarminias Change The Game At Dramburn

RDog CC - Collooney Eye Love To Tease At Stonefox

BPDog - Boxing Helena’s Victor Ena NAF

BVDog & BViS - Danluke Lord of The Dance

Bitch CC & BiS - Collooney Dita Von Tease

RBitch CC - Danluke Drag On A Dime

BPB & BPiS - Zoraden You Are My Universe

BVB - Gazenorth Gan Canny


Dog Classes:

Veteran (7-9)

1st - Danluke Lord Of The Dance

2nd - Speymalt Northern Star

3rd - Ardencote Star Gazer

Veteran (10 Years +)

1st - Maidenbower Make Believe

2nd - Blueflight Tiger Mist

Minor Puppy

1st - Boxing Helena's Victor Ena NAF

2nd - Palmik Who Knew at Lorbri

3rd - Dapperdiva Ezra Brooks

Res - Kierpark Moonlight Shadow Among Silkdance

VHC - Reffton Tibalt at Whipsearle (Imp Esp)


1st - Reffton Tibalt at Whipsearle (Imp Esp)

2nd - Elmanash Glen Grant

3rd - Runaround Richochet


1st - Collooney Was Meant to Be at Sulahmara

2nd - Fantastic Fred

3rd - Bunehug Let It Be Me

Res - Zeglynn Hello You

VHC - Dizzy Bear at Dawnsafon


1st - Collooney Eat My Shorts at Runforest

2nd - Citycroft Drumshanbo

3rd - Swistir Baileys Cream

Res - Stormida The Brave

VHC - Bunehug Believe It or Not


1st - Kierpark Moonlight Shadow Amongst Silkdance

2nd - Reffton Tibalt At Whipsearle (IMP ESP) NAF

3rd - Runaround Richochet

4th - Dizzybear At Dawnsafon

Special Beginners

1st - Runnel Run for Fun

2nd - Dapperdiva Ezra Brooks

3rd - Stormida The Brave

Res - Chiendetom Andante

VHC - Silkridge Ceylon


1st - Zoraden Macchiato

2nd - Collooney Was Meant to Be at Sulahmara

3rd - Dreamjet Float My Boat at Runforest

Res- Maidenbower Maserati

VHC - Demerlay on a Promise

Post Graduate

1st - Bowdonia Go The Distance for Stalwart

2nd - Collooney Charlie Brown at Scarletfair

3rd - Zoraden Brigt Star

Res - Tameron In The Dark For Coppershell

VHC - Demerlay Charming Charlie

Mid Limit

1st - Crosscop The Show Must Go On

2nd - Brochinbelle Wee Dancer with Jalwhipp

3rd - Lolani Moonshine over Monelli

Res - Oakbark Marksman for Railfield

VHC - Jimanica Just Dreaming


1st - AArminias Change The Game At Drumburn

2nd - Starceylon Summer Bran

3rd - Osterfen Janus

Res - Ranveli Beach Boy At Scarletfair

VHC - Crosscop Born To Move For Jubrancy


1st - Collooney Eye Love To Tease At Stonefox

2nd - Lolani Cafe Amore

3rd - Aarminias Dragon Lord Of Danluke

Res - Shalfleet Toy Story

VHC - Richclass Run For Cover



Bitch classes


Veteran 7-9

1st - Gazenorth Gan Canny

2nd - Mulcair Meerkat Marble

3rd - Creme Anglaise Sacre Coeur (IMP NDL)

Res - Oakbark Miss Bossy Boots

VHC - Palmik Kandalama Dusk Till Dawn

Veteran (10 Years +)

1st - Blueflight Ice Maiden

2nd - Shirotae Gin Sing

Minor Puppy

1st - Zoraden You are My Universe

2nd - Kierprk Ruby Duby Do

3rd - Crosscop Tickled Pink at Stonefox

Res - Palmik Truth About Love

VHC - Dapperdiva Milk and Honey


1st - Shalfleet Easter Sonnet

2nd - Palmik A Million Dreams

3rd - Citycroft Seattle

Res - Elmanash Glenfarclas

VHC - Shardbeck Kick Up a Storm


1st - Collooney Tommy Girl

2nd - Ranveli Glowtini

3rd - Elmanash Gemini Gem

Res - Saleehah Stardancer

VHC - Chiendetom Fanfare


1st - Starceylon She's A Mover

2nd - Lawleymoon Say No More

3rd - Sunrise At Byron Bay At Ballauren

Res - Mulcair Dun And Dusted

VHC - Maccus Rosa Gallica Daphine


1st - Zoraden You Are My Universe

2nd - Palmik A Million Dreams

3rd - Selinko Cherise

Res - Shardbeck Kick Up A Storm

VHC - Barnesmore Fairy Snow Via Penwincoed

Special Beginners

1st - Sunrise At Byron Bay at Ballauren

2nd - Maccus Rosa Gallica Daphne

3rd - Saleehah Stardancer

Res - Mollytop Fancy Lady

VHC - Elmanash Mist O The Moon


1st - Osterfen Lakota At Stonefox

2nd - Silkridge Saffron

3rd - Brochinbelle Ohh La La at Bowdonia

Res - Shalfleet Sweet Cloe

VHC- Crosscop A Dream Come True

Post Graduate

1st - Danluke Drag On A Dime

2nd - Ardencote Destiny's Child

3rd - Shirotae Paws For A Song

Res- Oakbark More Than Magic

VHC - Stonefox Gotta Have Faith At Loroli

Mid Limit

1st - Hergehill With Bells On

2nd - Collooney The Little Tease

3rd - Bowdonia Colours Of The Wind

Res - Citycroft Grace Kelly

VHC - Cyangrange Serendipi Tea


1st - Collooney Bit On The Side

2nd - Loroli Lady Lakeside

3rd - Gazenorth Secret Identity

Res - Citycroft Starfall

VHC - Kierpark Dancing Queen


1st - Collooney Dita Von Tease

2nd - Ardencote Sweet Destiny For Bluestreak

3rd - Crosscop It's Magic For Lawleymoon

Res - Envisage This At Supeta

VHC - Kierpark You Are My Sunshine At Richclass

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