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Results January 2022 (Limited)

Judge - Mark Fryer


BiS: Crosscop Candle In The Wind to Supeta.
RBiS: Collooney The Big Tease.

BB: Crosscop Candle In The Wind to Supeta.

BD: Collooney The Big Tease.

BPiS: Collooney Eat My Shorts. 

BViS: Mulcair Meerkat Marble JW ShCM.


Minor Puppy Dog (5,1)

  1. Collooney Eat My Shorts. 

  2. Barmoll Billy Joel.

Puppy Dog (2,0)

  1. Shalfleet Chasing The Wind.

  2. Denimblue Willdo. 

Junior Dog (6,3)

  1. Crosscop Whos The Daddy at Cotherstone. 

  2. Brochinbelle A Wee Dream at Helgen. 

  3. BJaxbybelles Eli.

Maiden Dog (1,0)

  1. Barmoll Billy Joel.

Novice Dog (1,0)

  1. Jaxbybelles Eli. 

Graduate Dog (5,2)

  1. Kidaruka It’s Showtime at Oxana JW. 

  2. Jasarat Rum Punch. 

  3. Dejare Dutch Master Piece at Zeglynn.

Limit Dog (5,0). A lovely class to judge.

  1. Collooney The Big Tease. 

  2. Jasarat Gucci.

  3. Lolani Cafe Amore.

Open Dog (3,1)

  1. Shalfleet Toy Story. 

  2. Southgrove Keep It Moving at Zeglynn.

Special Beginners Dog (3,1)

  1. Chiendetom Andante..

  2. Jasarat Jetsetter at Zeglynn ShCM.

Special Racing/Lure Coursing (4,1)

  1. Zoraden Bright Star.

  2. Ringmore Dalrymple.

  3. Jaxbybelle Hoppity Hop.

Veteran Dog & Bitch (10,4)

  1. Mulcair Meerkat Marble JW ShCM.

  2. Padstian Pip In New York. 

  3. Lawleymoon First Love.

Minor Puppy Bitch (8,3)

  1. Penbriar Beewitched.

  2. Dejare A Dash Of Hope.

  3. Ringmore Iona.

Puppy Bitch (9,3) 

  1. Maccus Rosa Gallica Daphne. 

  2. Collooney The Little Tease

  3. Nevedith El Ite.

Junior Bitch (5,1)

  1. Selinko Honeysuckle. 

  2. Barmoll Blue Bayou.

  3. Silkridge In A Moment.

Maiden Bitch (4,3)

  1. Keep A Knocking of Ohoka.

Novice Bitch (7,3)

  1. McConkey’s Barmoll Blue Bayou. 

  2. Blake’s Silkridge In A Moment. 

  3. Leathart’s Ringmore Iona.

Graduate Bitch (6,1)

  1. Crosscop Proud Mary.RBB.

  2. Crosscop She’s A Lady at Ardencote. 

  3. Lawleymoon First Love.

Limit Bitch (7,4)

  1. Crosscop Candle In The Wind to Supeta.

  2. Southgrove Kiss From A Rose at Zeglynn. 

  3. Falconcrag Temptress.

Open Bitch (9,3)

  1. Crosscop May Be One More at Mulcair JW.

  2. Crosscop Just What I Need.

  3. Southgrove Kiss From A Rose at Zeglynn.

Special Beginners Bitch (3,1)

  1. Lawleymoon First Love. 

  2. Keep A Knocking of Ohoka. 

Special Racing/Lure Coursing Bitch (3,3)

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