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MIDLAND WHIPPET CLUB 20th October 2019


Judges Critique: Rob Becquet

My thanks to the officers and committee for their invitation and hospitality, also thanks to my steward's Paul and Sara.

SVD (7)

1, Whiteheads Smith and Mixidies CH Citycroft Star Gazing over Yialousa JW fawn dog of correct size and bone best of heads good run in well filled front deep rib sound quarters moved well both ways.
2, Dufty and Morland CH Triken Never Stop Dreaming light brindle with little to split these two many of the same remarks apply sound mover just preferred head of first.
3, Hills Kierpark Livin on a Prayer sh cm.


1,Wilkinson CH Fletchgate Starwalker sh cm. Up to size black with good neck and shoulder sound deep rib good tuck strong loin good quarters moved like a dog half his age so sound BVD.

MPD (9)

1,Sykes Veredon Another Valente a star in the making super head good run in well filled front for age good bone ribs well carried good quarters a little unsettled on the move look out when it all comes together very promising BPD.
2, Lloyds Sail on Sailor similar remarks apply sound mover nice for size good bone went well.
3, Allen's Zoraden a Question Answered.

PD 1,

Brays Cynagrange Ronnie Barker stood alone a fawn nice for size ok throughout inclined to fall away over croup moved ok but on the fine side.


1, Neale's Runaround Jazz Singer at Stormalong quality fawn of correct size good head correct neck and shoulder sound well filled front good bone deep rib strong loin and quarters moved soundly both ways.

2, Owen and Brodie’s Wolfcastle Hot Gossip avec Ebonique a nice type of brindle good head correct run in to shoulder . Sound well filled front good bone deep rib , strong loin and quarters , moved soundly both ways
3, Piries Dejare King of Dreams at Limasfault.


1, RCC Richards Richclass Run for Cover super quality fawn with good head correct neck and shoulder deep well made rib strong loin good tuck sound front good bone moved very well will soon trouble the best .
2, Neale's Runaround Jazz Singer at Stormalong good dog but unlucky to meet 1st in such good form.
3, Howgate and Hulls Palmik King of Clubs JW.



1, Allen's a Question Answered fawn parti 3rd in MP again another nice type correct size and head good neck and shoulder sound rib for age good quarters went well.
2, Prices Railfield Rainomen for Silkdance quality fawn close up to 1 they will often change places good mover.
3,Bass and Hall Shalfleet New Moon Rising at Silverfrith.



1, Dargues Supetas Just Call me Special stylish brindle with typical head good neck and shoulder placement a well filled front good bone sound body strong quarters moved correctly both ways BSB .
2, Austin's Ranveli Hot Buttered Rum another sound attractive brindle well made all through close up to 1 balanced and of correct size moved well.
3, Perkins Dejare Would You Believe at Zeglynn shcm.


Woods Ardencote What a Rogue fawn/white parti loved his size make and shape best of heads good neck and shoulder well filled front good bone correct rib ,tuck and loin well made quarters went soundly from all angles.
2, Allen's Zoraden Shades of Bracken fawn of good size and shape moved ok but today had a little too much condition.
3, Blanks Maidenbower Montrose with Westmount.


1,Allansson and Macdonald's Jasarat Salted Caramel of Macalldon JW good type fawn/parti balanced and sound good head neck and shoulder deep well made rib well filled front good bone strong loin and quarters moved well.
2,Pilkington and Myers Supetas Show and Tell Astrazine similar remarks apply to 1 for type make and shape good bone went well.
3, Blanks Azarin Funding with Westmount.



1 Neale's Runaround Starman at Stormalong JW top quality fawn super head neck and shoulder well filled in front sound bone deep well made rib strong loin with correct quarters moved well thought he would be one of my best males but in the challenge handler had him badly stacked but I feel sure his day will come.
2, Barkas Jimanica just dreaming fawn parti of good type balanced all through sound mover.
3, ,Price Wheelspin Silver Shadow among Silkdance JW.



1, Russel Glantam Genesis at Arjuna pale fawn most lovely type balanced throughout good head correct neck and shoulder well filled front good bone deep rib strong loin correct tuck good quarters moved well from all angles.
2, Clewes Cynagrange Latino Lustre at Shardbeck another quality fawn both sound and well made good balance throughout went well.
3,Ellis Railfield Lone Ranger JW.



1,DCC /BIS Hawkers Jothryn Future Legend with Mollytop . What a dog ! Every now again one gets their hands on a really top dog he is hard to fault he has the best of heads perfect neck and shoulder placement well filled front with correct bone deep well made rib strong loin good tuck best of quarters moved with reach and drive an absolute credit to both his owners and breeder's very well done.
2,Topes CH Falconcrag Class Act for Dewerstone JW shcm another top draw fawn nice size well made throughout.In the challenge just not as steady behind as 1 or RCC however still a very worthy champion.
3, Newton's CH Nevedith Zufor Zeffa JW.


Rob Becqet(judge)

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Judges Critique – Bitches

My final judging appointment and how appropriate for me that it should be the Midland Whippet Club.  A big thank you to the committee for giving me the honour to judge this show and also thanks to my two stewards for keeping me on the straight and narrow. I have been lucky enough to award C.C.s on a number of occasions over the last 9 years and feel now is the time to step aside and allow up and coming Judges the opportunity to do the same. I was looking for quality exhibits with overall balance and hoping movement would match what I saw. However sometimes this wasn’t possible and compromises had to be made. Quality was high and I was pleased with all my placings. Finally a big thank you  for the lovely entry.


SV (7-9yrs)(10.3)

1. Winkley-Balmer’s . Ch April Showers at Crosscop. Fawn girl who still retains all the attributes that made her a champion. In lovely condition and still enjoying her showing. No need to detail all her qualities. She is feminine, balanced in outline, moves with purpose and at one with her handler.BVB and BV in Show.

2. McConkey’s Barmoll Baroness. Fawn that won her class when I judged 6yrs ago and carrying her years well. Built on stronger lines than winner but appealed for her balanced outline and strong rear quarters that she used well on the move, again handled to show her virtues.

3. Mycroft’s Ch Supeta’s Eclipse JW ShCM.


SV (10yrs+)(3.1)

1. Vaughan’s Shirotae Silken Lady. Quality Fawn and White. Gave this lady a RCC 9yrs ago. Has always been a favourite of mine for her beautiful head and dark pigmentation. Balanced outline with good depth, correct rear angulation with wide thighs. Thanks for bringing her out under me.

2. Handley’s Top Tallulah. Fawn shown in good condition, presenting a more compact outline and not the balance of winner. Sympathetically handled and I hope she enjoyed her day out.



1. Sykes’ Veredon Another Rose. Brindle that headed the class. Had instant appeal and excelled for her shapely balance with feminine charm. Everything about her gave a picture of correctness from her feminine head to her strong rear quarters. Handled to get the best from her. Should have an exciting future. BPB and BP In Show.

2. Rees & Jones’ Kierpark You Are My Sunshine. Another that appealed on first glance and was not dissapointed when going over her. Again a quality feminine puppy with lovely overall shape and unexagerated angles. Handled well to get the best out of her on the move.

3. Whitehead Smith & Mixides’Citycroft Storm In A Teacup.



1. Whitaker-Crosby’s Crosscop May Be One More At Mulcair. A quality Fawn & White youngster with feminine attributes that cannot be overlooked. Has a scopey flowing outline with correct angles front and rear but just needs to mature in body. Good reach in profile movement and without deviation. Shown in excellent condition.

2. Mitchell’s Crosscop Just What I Need. Fawn & White. Another promising puppy from these kennels. More compact in body than winner but with good depth and nice overall balance. Handled and moved well.

3. Reece’s Saleehah Sarafina




1. Leathart’s Ringmore Hecate. Pale Fawn. Loved everything about this youngster. So very feminine and without any exagerations. Excellent shape and balance to her curvy  body with matching front and rear angles. Good depth with nice underline. Lovely for size. Another handled and moved to advantage. Will watch her progress as she matures.

2. Reed & Pace’s Dejare Dream On. Fawn. Another feminine quality girl with good overall shape to her body. Nice front angulation and strong rear quarters. Moved well. Just prefered the ground covering outline of winner.

3. Clewes’ Shardbeck Sizzling Salsa



1. Turner’s Gilnockie Have Faith. Black. Lovely head. Quality throughout. She presents a balanced outline with depth and strength without losing any of her elegance. Rear angulation is strong which she used in her profile movement. Liked her a lot.

2. Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Queen Of Diamonds JW. Pretty Brindle & White. Lovely size. Nicely put together throughout enabling her to move with purpose in profile and accuracy coming and going.

3. Bass & Hall’s Shalfleet Zante Star At Silverfrith JW.



1. Whitaker-Crosby’s Crosscop May Be One More At Mulcair.

2. Clewes’ Shardbeck Sizzling Salsa. Fawn. Another that was feminine with good balance to her overall outline. Nice neck to shoulder with good depth to her body. Strong rear quarters that she used to advantage in profile movement.

3. Howgate & Hull’s Bryntreia Whispered Love At Palmik



1. Bass & Hall’s Shalfleet Zante Star At Silverfrith JW. Brindle & White. Very pretty young lady that is of ideal size. Nice neck to shoulder with good topline giving pleasing overall shape and unexagerted rear quarters. Best mover in the class.

2. Trouton’s Citycroft Grace Kelly JW.Fawn& White that presents a pleasing picture but not quite the balance of the winner. Good in body with nice angles front and rear. Moved and handled well.

3. Haggerty’s Moonfleur Whispering Grass.



1. Leathart’s Ringmore Hecate.

2. Moncrieff’s Runaround Symphony. Feminine Fawn & White of quality. Unlucky to meet winner. Oozes correctness with unexageration. Nice neck to shoulder leading to good overall body shape. Deep enough. Moved with accuracy and handled sympathetically.

3. Norman’s Wheelspin Lily Of The Valley At Jarmane



1. Fisher’s Marleben Dream Mover. Classic Fawn that impressed me a lot for her overall elegance with strength and correctness. Lovely head with clean neck to shoulder, balanced in body with nice depth and good underline. Strong rear quarters used well on the move. I don’t think this young lady could stand wrong if she tried.

2. Moncrieff’s Runaround Harmony. Fawn and White. Litter sister to my second in graduate and so very similar. Same remarks apply as sister . Lovely overall quality. Prefered front movement of my winner.

3. Bellinga’s Southgrove Isabelle.




1. Lawley’s Crosscop Its Magic For Lawleymoon. Fawn that stood out in this class. Exceptional quality throughout. Most feminine head and so very clean in outline with balance and depth to her body. Matching angles front and rear. Moved efficiently and without deviation. Liked her a lot but she seemed unsettled in the challenge.

2. McConkey’s Barmoll Bag O Tricks. Brindle built on rangier lines to winner. Again feminine with clean curvy outline. Nice neck to shoulder with good top and underline. Unexagerated rear angulation. Covers plenty of ground when stood. Handled to advantage and moved well.

3. Brown’s Ardencote Sweet Destiny for Bluestreak.



1. Wood’s Ardencote Aiming High. Fawn & White. High quality girl now mature and showing her many virtues to advantage. Sweetest of heads with lovely neck to shoulder. Balance and strength in body without any loss to her femininity. Strong rear quarters allowing her to move with purpose. Shown in excellent condition and unobtrusively by her handler. Unlucky in the challenge, her time will come.

2. Davies’ Collooney Black Velvet Pasharif. Black with White Trim. Shown in excellent condition with gleaming coat. Has the desired balance to her curvy outline and strength without losing her girly appeal. Clean neck to shoulders, good underline with strong rear quarters. Just prefered the precision of winner on the move.

3. Vaughan’s Shirotae Solo Surprise.



1. Howgate & Hull’s Ch Palmik Misty Eve JW. Pale Fawn that had great appeal, and why shouldn’t she? My best puppy when I judged 2yrs ago and the third generation of exceptional bitches from this kennel that I have awarded CCs to. So very pleased that she has now matured from the promise of an exceptional puppy to the beauty she now is. Headed the class with four quality champions behind her. Everthing I was looking for. Quality, feminine, balanced in outline, good strong rear quarters and out moved everything else on the day. CC & R.B.I.S.

2. Place & Halliday’s Ch Collooney Queen of Dragons With Brochinbelle JW. Fawn & White. A favourite of mine that I judged when still a youngster and awarded her a RCC. Now mature and showing her exceptional quality even more. What can I say without repeating myself? Again she had everything I was looking for, another exceptional example of the breed. Just lost out to my winner on the day but again she could not be overlooked. RCC

3. Morris & Waddell’s Ch Nothing Compares To You At Crosscop JW. ShCM.


Judge – John Foster



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Special Awards:

Judges Critique - Patsy Bird

I was delighted to be invited to judge at this prestigious show, and my thanks go to the Committee for their warm reception, to my steward and to the sporting exhibitors.

The two classes I judged were well supported with entries of beautiful dogs and bitches, all presented in first class condition.

Junior Dog or Bitch 16(5a)

1. Newton’s Nevedith Beau Peep. 14 month old dark brindle bitch displaying maturity and foot perfect movement, sympathetically handled. Beautiful head with neat ears, correct eye shape and strong underjaw. Long neck into good lay of shoulder, deep chest, and ribbed well back with perfect topline and shapely quarters with hocks well let down. Curvy underline, just the right amount of bone and gentle spring of pasterns, neat and correct feet.
2. Webber’s Zoraden Fifty Shades Darker. 12 ½ month old black bitch. Feminine and shapely, this correct size bitch has the most beautiful coat and outline, with just the right muscle tone. Enchanting head and expression, with small rose-shaped ears and oval eyes, strong jaw, long neck and smooth shoulder. Well filled front with good depth of brisket and spring of rib. Strong back, well angulated quarters with well developed second thigh, neat feet and correct spring of pastern.
3. Ellis’s Railfield Rainon My Parade

Open Dog or Bitch 19(4a)

1. Place’s Aarminias Luv The Way You Lie. 2 year old fawn brindle dog who headed this strong class on his overall shape and size. He is so correct, and was handled to perfection. His head is masculine, with well set small ears, oval eyes and strong jaws. Long neck, smooth shoulders well laid back, good depth of brisket and spring of rib, strong back and graceful arch over the loin. Strong quarters with hocks well let down. Moved with reach and drive. Correct bone and feet, well split up between the toes and well arched knuckles. Good spring of pastern. He is gorgeous and he knows it!
2. Morris, Waddell and Mycroft’s Crosscop Let It Shine For Supeta. 2 year old fawn bitch who is the epitome of the Standard. She is correct size, exquisite overall shape and so feminine. Beautiful head and sweet expression with small rose shaped ears, long elegant neck leading into well placed and smooth shoulders, beautiful front assembly with good infill and depth of brisket, lovely top and underlines, powerful and well angulated quarters. She moved with drive and reach and with great enthusiasm.
3. Neale’s Runaround Starman at Stormalong
Patsy Bird (Judge)

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