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Judges Critique - Amy Clinton


Thank you very much to the committee for asking me to Judge such a special show, it’s an honor to judge any show but a breed show is extra special. Also a huge thanks to my two fabulous stewards. I really enjoyed my day in the lovely warm weather and appreciated the great quality entry I received. Not one I will forget for a while.


Minor Puppy Dog 1:0

1. RANKINE’s Collooney Drag Queen for Chapleigh - Lovely red brindle dog, very attractive to look at on the move. He has a lovely outline, long neck into a well laid shoulders, good angulation and moved true coming and going.


Puppy Dog 1:0

1. WOOD’s Ardencote what a Legend – What a happy young boy, full of great energy. Lovely head, eye and expression, long neck leading into laid back shoulders, good length of loin. He moved with ease around the ring, true coming and going. He was slightly more settled than the MP which led me to award him Best Puppy Dog.


 Junior Dog 3:0

1. WOOD’s Ardencote What a Rogue – Very similar in type to his brother, Good head and eye, long neck leading into good Shoulders. Moved well coming, going and in profile. Pleasing curves with enough length and again a lovely happy boy.

2. BARKAS’ Citycroft Fred Astaire – Masculine, mature boy with curves in all the right places. Strong head and eye with perfectly neat ears. Lovely outline and good rear angulation.

3. MILUK’s Westwood Prince Liam.


 Maiden Dog 2:0

1. WOOD’s Ardencote What a Rogue

2. HAWKINS’ Maidenbower Maverick at Copperhawk – Not quite as mature as 1 but had promising qualities. I loved his head and eye, lovely long neck and well laid back shoulders. He was a little unsettled today but I’m sure he will come along well with age. 


Novice Dog 1:1 – N/A 


Graduate Dog 2:1

1. LIPTON’s Cherubims royal prinz peter (imp Ger) – A good for size, bridle parti boy. Masculine head with neat ears, arched neck good fill of chest and well sprung pasterns, good rear angulation and second thigh. On the move he had super reach and held a lovely outline.


 Limit Dog 2:1

1. BARKAS’ Jimanica Just Dreaming – Good for size boy with a strong masculine head. Happy character and a lovely temperament. Nice head, eye and expression, nice front with enough fill and depth of chest, nice angulation moving well around the ring. 


Open Dog 6:1

1. LAWRENCE AND WOODWARD’s Bryntreia First Glance ShCM  - A boy I have admired from the side of the ring for a while and he didn’t disappoint me today. A lovely size, curvy with no exaggerations, the classic whippet shape that I love. Correct shoulder, pasterns with a well filled chest. Strong rear with lovely obvious second thigh. Fantastic coat and condition handled well to Best Dog. The competition in bitches was fierce today but very pleased to also award him Best Opposite Sex in Show.

2. BELLAMY’s Kandalama Royale – Another nice dog I have admired for a while, he was so relaxed today which was lovely. Beautiful head and eye with such a warm expression. Perfect neck, shoulders and pasterns, moved true coming and going and moved with ease in profile. Just lacked the curves of 1. Reserve Best Dog.

3. HALL’s Blandings Fortune Cookie 


Special Beginners Dog 1:0

1. TROUTON’s Runnel Run For Fun – Lovely masculine fawn boy. Good for size with nice curves. Good Head and eye leading into a good neck, deep enough chest and strong loin. Moved well with elegance.


Special Racing/Lure Coursing Dog 3:3

1. WEBBER’s Zoraden Paint it Black A lovely energetic, masculine, well-muscled boy. Long neck that led into smooth strong shoulders, strong hindquarters. He moved round the ring with ease, oozing power.

2. DOHERTY’s Creme Anglaise's Urban Dancer for Littlebriton (imp NLD) Another lovely dog, fawn with a very appealing expression, lovely strong neck and deep chest. Strong loin leading to good quarters. Also moved with power around the ring.

3. LEATHART’s Ringmore Dalrymple


Veteran Dog or Bitch (over 7 years) 7:0

1. OSBORNE’s Loroli let’s do it with Derohan. What a beautiful girl, holding her age very well. She moved with such elegance and grace around the ring I could hardly take my eyes off her. Beautiful typical curvy girl with a fantastic underline, well laid back shoulders and good angles elsewhere, I was so pleased to award her Best Veteran in Show, well deserved.

2. LEATHART’s Molvine Zoe - A lovely girl I have admired for most of her show career. She oozes grace and has the most beautiful feminine head and eye. She has a lovely coat and body condition, nice fill and depth of chest, another with a perfect underline.

3. LAWRENCE’s Saraquele Steal a Glance over Bryntreia



​Minor Puppy Bitch 1:1

1. WEBBER’s Zoraden Fifty Shades Darker. What a beauty, a stunningly striking bitch who captured my attention the whole time she was in the ring. A pretty and cheeky expression with a lovely long neck, leading into well laid back shoulders and an unexaggerated topline. A good width of thigh meant her rear movement was near perfect, she had great reach and gracefully powered round the ring in profile. I was thrilled to award her Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show.



Puppy Bitch 5:3

1. LEATHART’s Ringmore Hecate – A sweet bitch with a lovely expression, correct head and eye and balanced throughout. Lovely topline with correct length of loin and a nice rise. Her easy flowing movement is what won her this class.

2. WOOD’s Ardencote what a Joy lovely looking bitch still very much a baby and full of beans. She has a pretty head and eye, correct shoulders and good pasterns. She moved slightly erratically but I put this down to age as it was clear to see she extended well and moved with drive.

3. MASON’s Falconcrag rock on with Aphrael


Junior Bitch 4:1

1.BIRD’s Blandings eyes on the Prize I just adored this little brindle bitch, she is just my type. Curvy in all the right places and just oozed breed type for me. She was balanced throughout and moved with drive and grace around the ring. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her and I seriously considered her for BPB.

2. MOORE’s Zoradens secret sins at Sunwalkers - A lovely young bitch who much like one is very much my type, curvy and feminine, her diva like expression is just typical of a bitch. I loved her length of neck, correct shoulders and deep chest that complemented her correct tuck up. Just out moved by 1 behind today.

3. MILUK’s Wilsthire Princess Ruby.


Maiden Bitch 3:1 

1. JOHNSON’s Cyangrange Serendipi Tea - Lovely fawn bitch with a pretty head and expression. Lovely coat. Great angles in front and rear, with an obvious second thigh and lovely tight feet. A lovely shapey girl who moved around the ring well in profile.

2. WOOD’s Ardencote what a Joy


Novice Bitch 3:0

1. HOME AND FISHER-HOME’s Jasarat Sugar Candy – A lovely friendly girl with a dark mask. Very pretty, feminine head and expression. She is lovely and curvy and moved correct coming, going and in profile. One to watch as she matures I think.

2. LEATHART’s Ringmore Hecate

3. BASS AND HALL’s Shalfleet Zante Star at Silverfrith


Graduate Bitch 3:0

1. BIRD’s Blandings eyes on the prize

2. JOHNSON’s Cyangrange Serendipi Tea

3. BASS AND HALL’s Shalfleet Zante Star at Silverfrith


Limit Bitch 7:1

1. WILKINSON’s Citycroft Starfall JW – A stunning fawn bitch with a lovely head and eye, nice long neck leading into correct shoulders and a good depth of chest.  She is a shapely girl who held her topline well on the move. She moved with ease around the ring, correctly and in a graceful manner. Seriously considered for BB. – Reserve Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show.

2. OSBORNE’s Florancy above and Beyond Derohan - A pretty girl who is of good size. Lovely quality classic girl with the prettiest head. Curvy topline and correct underline. Neat feet and moved sound in all directions.

3. WIGNALL’s Crosscop the wonder of you at Starswift


Open Bitch 4:1

1. BROWN’s Ardencote Sweet Destiny for Bluestreak – Fawn and white parti girl who is just my type. I could not keep my eyes off her when she was in the ring. She is of good size with correct head, neck and shoulders. She had a lovely deep chest with lovely underline. Her topline is nice and curvy and she held it when on the move. Her super sound movement is what won her the class, Best bitch and then Best in Show.

2. HOME AND FISHER-HOME’s Citcroft my fair lady of Jasarat JW ShCM – Another stunning girl who I have admired from the other side of the ring. Beautiful defined head, a long elegant neck leading into smooth shoulders, straight front with a good spring of pastern and correct feet. Perfectly fit condition and moved correctly even if she was constantly on the lookout for wasps!

3. DOHERTY AND VAN DER SCHAAF’s Creme Anglais's La colle Noire


Special Beginners Bitch 4:1

1. WIGNALL’s Crosscop the wonder of you at Starswift – Lovely red fawn girl. One of the nicest toplines I saw on the day and she held it well whilst on the move. She had a sweet expression with a lovely long neck and correct shoulders, a well developed second thigh and drive in her movement.

2. MOORE’s Zoradens secret sins at Sunwalkers

3. WILLIAMSON’s Windfly Onnerown


Special Racing/Lure Coursing Bitch 7:0

1. DOHERTY AND VAN DER SCHAAF’s Creme Anglais's La colle Noire – A lovely brindle girl who is good for size and very pretty. I loved the way this girl moved around the ring with such power yet a graceful flowing movement. She was correct in all directions, I practically liked her rear movement.

2. WEBBER’s Zoraden Darkest Wings – Lovely black bitch, curvy, good size and fit for function. She had correct shoulders, lovely topline and correct underline. She moved well coming and going.

3. LEATHART’s Ringmore Day Lilly



Best Dog:- Bryntreia First Glance ShCM

Reserve Best Dog:- Kandalama Royale

Best Puppy Dog:- Ardencote what a Legend


​Best Bitch:- Ardencote Sweet Destiny for Bluestreak

Reserve Best Bitch:- Citycroft Starfall jw

Best Puppy Bitch:- Zoraden Fifty Shades Darker




BIS:- Ardencote Sweet Destiny for Bluestreak
RBIS:- Citycroft Starfall JW
BPIS:- Zoraden Fifty Shades Darker

BOSIS:- Bryntreia First Glance ShCM
BOSP:- Ardencote what a Legend
BVIS:- Loroli lets do it with Dehoran

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