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Results June 2019 

Open Show - Sunday 23rd June 2019 
Judge - Gill Andrew




















Left to Right:

BIS:- Runaround Starman at Stormalong

RBIS:- Citycroft Sundae with Oxana JW ShCM

BOS:- Ardencote Sweet Destiny for Bluestreak
BPIS:- Ardencote what a rogue
BV:- Aphrael Casting Pearl

Dog Classes:

Veteran Dog 4:0

  1. Bescott Lessons Dreamer of Jasarat

  2. Marlben Magiq Marquis at Mackjama ShCM

  3. Saraquele steal a Glance at Bryntreia

  4. Shirotae spring Promise at Ousebank

Minor Puppy Dog 1

  1. Runaround jazz singer at Stormalong

  2. Collooney Drag queen for Chapleigh

Puppy Dog 6:0

  1. Ardencote what a rogue

  2. Ardencote what a legend

  3. Runaround jazz singer at Stormalong

  4. Ardencote what a legacy to fernlin  NAF TAF

  5. Duncan iz sagio o Gardarike

Junior Dog 3:1

  1. Maidenbower maverick at Coperhawk

  2. Westwood prince liam

Yearling Dog 2:1

  1. Runaround Starman at Stormalong

Maiden Dog 2:1

  1. Ardencote what a rogue

Novice Dog 0:0

Undergraduate Dog 3:2

  1. Zoraden Paint it Black

Graduate Dog 2:1

  1. Cherubims Royal Prinz Peter (Ger IMP)


Postgraduate Dog 3:0

  1. Runnel Run for Fun

  2. Gazenorth Secret Service

  3. Ringmore Dalrymple

Limit Dog 3:0

  1. Wheelspin Silver Shadow among Silkdance JW

  2. Jimanica Just Dreaming

  3. Jothryn Shimmering Gold

Open Dog 8:2

  1. Citycroft Sundae with Oxana JW ShCM

  2. Becsott Oxford Pioneer

  3. Stormalong Romantic Romeo

  4. Bryntreia First Glance ShCM

  5. Kandalama Royale






















Left to right:

Best Dog:- Runaround Starman at Stormalong

Reserve Best Dog:- Citycroft Sundae with Oxana JW ShCM

Best Puppy Dog:- Ardencote what a rogue

Best Veteran Dog: - Bescott Lessons Dreamer of Jasarat



Bitch classes


Veteran Bitch 7:1

  1. Aphrael Casting Pearl

  2. Kierpark Memphis Belle with Bryntreia

  3. Molvine Zoe

  4. Shirotae Gin Zing

  5. Loroli lets do it with Dehoran


Minor Puppy Bitch 4:2

  1. Zoraden Fifty Shades Darker

  2. Runaround Promises


Puppy Bitch 6:2

  1. Ringmore Hecate

  2. Falconcrag Rock on With Aphrael

  3. Ardencote what a Gem with Fernlin NAF TAF

  4. Cobyco Cover Queen


Junior Bitch 5:2

  1. Blandings eyes on the Prize

  2. Shalfleet Zante Star at Silverfrith

  3. Zoraden secret sins at Sunwalkers


Yearling Bitch 4:0

  1. Collooney Black Velvet Pasharif

  2. Runaround Symphony

  3. Florancy above and beyond Derohan

  4. Willtshire Princess Ruby

Maiden Bitch 5:3

  1. Cobyco Cover Queen

  2. Cyangrange Serendipi Tea


Novice Bitch 6:0

  1. Jasarat Sugar Candy

  2. Ringmore Hecate

  3. Windfly Onnerown

  4. Shalfleet Zante Star at Silverfrith

  5. Cobyco Cover Queen


Undergraduate Bitch 5:2

  1. Runaround Harmony

  2. Zoraden secret sins at Sunwalkers

  3. Cyangrange Serendipi Tea


Graduate Bitch 5:0

  1. Marleben Dream Maker

  2. Zoraden Darkest Wings jw

  3. Blandings eyes on the Prize

  4. Ringmore Galatea

  5. Windfly One Perfect Day

Post Graduate Bitch 5:0

  1. Citycroft Starfall JW

  2. Crosscop the Wonder of You at Starswift

  3. Haccasbrook Madam Gigi

  4. Creme Anglaise's La Colle Noire

  5. Mollytop Lady Babu

Limit Bitch 6:3

  1. Ardencote Sweet Destiny for Bluestreak

  2. Veredon Geeoer Gawpin at Aphrael

  3. Shirotae Solo Surprise

Open Bitch 5:1

  1. Citycroft My Fair Lady of Jasarat JW ShCM

  2. Ardencote Starmaker

  3. Marleben Dream Mover

  4. Bryntreia First Love with Tervanty






















Left to Right:

Best Bitch:- Ardencote Sweet Destiny for Bluestreak

Reserve Best Bitch:- Citycroft My Fair Lady of Jasarat JW ShCM

Best Puppy Bitch:- Zoraden Fifty Shades Darker

Veteran Bitch:- Aphrael Casting Pearl

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