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Results June 2022 (Limited)

Judge - Dan Richards


BiS: Bowdonia Clours of the Wind
RBiS: Palmik King Arthur jw

BB: Bowdonia Clours of the Wind

BD: Palmik King Arthur JW

BPiS: Palmik Chasing Rainbows

BViS: Citycroft My Fair Lady or Jasarat JW ShCM



Minor Puppy Dog 2:1a

  1. Runaround Richochet


Puppy Dog 0:0a


Junior Dog 5:3a

  1. Collooney Charlie Brown at Scarletfair

  2. Denimblue Willdo


Maiden Dog 3:1a

  1. Ryemeadows Midnight Sun


Novice Dog 1:1a


Graduate Dog 3:1a

  1. Maidenbower Maserati

  2. Demerlay on a Promise


Limit Dog 

  1. Palmik King Arthur JW

  2. Ranveli BeachBoy at Scarletfair

  3. Lolani Moonshine Over Moneli JW

  4. Collooney the Big Tease

  5. Bowdonia go the Distance for Stalwart


Open Dog 2:2a


Special Beginners Dog 2:0a

  1. Ranveli run for Fun

  2. Veloxcanis solis valens


Special Racing/Lure Coursing Dog 4: 0a

  1. Denimble Willdo

  2. Ringmore Dalrymple

  3. Ryemeadows Midnight Sun

  4. Veloxcanis solis valens

Veteran DOG or BITCH 7

  1. Citycroft My Fair Lady or Jasarat JW ShCM

  2. Loroli Lets do it with Dehoran

  3. Speymalt Northern Star JW

  4. Dark Wing

  5. Palmik Kandalama Dusk till Dawn JWV ShCEx

Minor Puppy Bitch 4:2a

  1. Palmik Chasing Rainbows

  2. Chiendetom Fanfare

Puppy Bitch 5:2a

  1. Veredon Laurent Perrier

  2. Falconcrag Winter Juniper

  3. Chiendetom Fanfare

Junior Bitch 6

  1. Mulcair Dun and Dusted

  2. Ringmore Iona

  3. Sunwalkers shine on my sins

  4. Chiendetom Fanfare

  5. Selinko Cherise

Maiden Bitch 3: 1a

  1. Selinko Honeysuckle

  2. Chiendetom Fanfare


Novice Bitch 7

  1. Silkridge Safron

  2. Cyangrange Our Tiger Lily

  3. Ringmore Iona

  4. Zoraden Secret Sins at Sunwalkers

  5. Chiendetom Fanfare


Graduate Bitch 8

  1. Silkridge in a Moment

  2. Silkridge Safron

  3. Jasarat Gin Fizz

Limit Bitch 7: 4a

  1. Crosscop Candle in the wind to Supeta

  2. Southgrove Kiss from a Rose at Zeglynn

  3. Cyangrange Our Tiger Lily

  4. Zoraden Secret Sins at Sunwalkers

  5. Chiendetom Overture


Open Bitch 8

  1. Bryntreia Whispered Love at Palmik JW taf

  2. Runaround Symphony

  3. Crosscop Maybe one more at Mulcair JW 

  4. Railfield Rain Lookout

  5. Ringmore Hecate


Special Beginners Bitch 4:1a

  1. Citycroft Grace Kelly of Runnel JW

  2. Cyangrange Serendipi Tea

  3. Dapperdiva Doube Whammy


Special Racing/Lure Coursing Bitch 4:2a

  1. Zoraden Fidty Shades Darker JW

  2. Ringmore Hecate

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