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Championship Show - 24th October 2021 

Dogs:- Jo Boughton-White
Bitches:- Mr. Richard Mason
Referee:- Paul Seers


BIS Shalfleet Bridget Jones Ms Jane Wilton-Clark.

RBIS, BVIS BOS Danluke lord of the dance, Mrs Helen Johnston.

BPIS Mr Kevin Rees, Kierpark Dancing Queen.

RBPIS Mrs Diana Webber, Denimblue Willdo

Veteran, Mrs J Whitaker, Mulcair Meerkat Marble.



























Veteran Bitch (7-9yrs) (9,3)

1. Whitaker-Crosby Mulcair Meerkat Marble JW ShCM BVB

2. Glaholm Gazenorth Gan Canny

3. Chappel Blueflight Ice Maiden

Veteran Bitch (10+) (2,1)

1. Chant Derohan Beyond Desire

Minor Puppy Bitch (19,5)

1. Conway & Oakden Spawood Gentle Touch

2. Wilton-Clark Shalfleet Sweet Cloe

3. Fryer Osterfen Lakota at Stonefox

Puppy Bitch (15,3)

1. Rees Kierpark Dancing Queen BPB BPIS

2. Brown & Duckett Crosscop Lullaby

3. Whitaker-Crosby Mulcair Dun and Dusted

Junior Bitch (11,5)

1. Howgate & Hull Palmik Lady Guinevere

2. Ellis Railfield Quatrain

3. Marston-Pollock Cornstalk Dream on At Falconcrag

Yearling Bitch (12,4)

1. Morris, Waddel & Mycroft Crosscop Candle in the Wind to Supeta

2. Jones Jothryn Guilty Pleasure

3. Service & Poole Crosscop Proud Mary

Maiden Bitch (15,6)

1. Gillespie Penbriar Chit Chat

2. Whitaker-Crosby Mulcair Dun and Dusted

3. Grisoli Loroli Lady Lakeside

Sp Beginners Bitch (10,3)

1. Chant Florancy Beyond All Doubt

2. Saxby Runaround Amazing Grace with Sandspring

3. Wood Elmanash Mist Othe Moon

Graduate Bitch (19,4)

1. Howgate & Hull Palmik Lady Guinevere

2. Green & Halliday Brochinbelle a Wee Floosie

3. Conway & Oakden Falconcrag Temptress

Post Graduate Bitch (19,8)

1. Fisher Marleben Dream Maker

2. Meakin Oakbark More Than Magic

3. Chant Florancy Beyond All Doubt

Mid Limit Bitch (10,3)

1. Wilton-Clark Shalfleet Bridget Jones CC BIS

2. Howgate & Hull Bryntreia Whispering Love at Palmik

3. Place & Halliday Aarminias She’s a Belter

Limit Bitch (20,5)

1. Glaholm Gazenorth Secret Identity

2. McConkey Barmoll Baileys on Ice

3. Newton Nevedith Beau Peep

Open Bitch (13,5)

1. Green & Halliday Ch Collooney Queen of Dragons with Brochinbelle JW ShCM RCC

2. Sykes Ch Veredon Another Rose

3. Mycroft Ch Crosscop Let it Shine for Supeta JW OSW









Veteran Dog 7-9yrs (11:0)

  1. Ch Danluke lord of the dance, Mrs Helen Johnston.

  2. Ch Citycroft High Society JW 

  3. Ardencote Star Gazer

  4. Ch/Int Ch Ir/Ch Collooney Jay Hawk

  5. Padstian Pip in New York

Veteran Dog 10yrs+ (1:0)

  1. Deljorhea Hes the One at Nattah

Minor Puppy Dog (5:2)

  1. Shalfleet Making Waves

  2. Sochma Just in Time

  3. Silver Goose

Puppy Dog (9:2a)

  1. Denimblue WillDo

   2. Barnesmore Cloak of Spirits at Falconcrag

   3. Citycroft Drumshanbo

   4. Shalfleet Chasing the Wind

   5. Silkridge Ceylon


Junior Dog (18:2)

  1. Palmik King Arthur

  2. Edenwhip Can i be Him

  3. Brochinbelle a wee Dancer with Jalwhipp

  4. Crosscop twist and Shout

  5. Solinko Pathos

Yearling Dog (9:0a)

  1. Lolani Cafe Amore

  2. Kidaruka its Showtime at Oxana

  3. Wolfecastle livin the Dream

  4. Selinko Festive Prancer

  5. Demerlay on a Promise

Maiden Dog (8:4a)

   1.  DenimBlue willdo

   2.  Doddridge Silver Jiglo

   3.   Supeta's here comes the sun into Astrazone

   4.   Back to the Future

Special Beginners Dog (9:2a)

  1. Runnel Run for Fun

  2. Doddridge Silver Jiglo

  3. Crosscop Dom Perignon on Ice

  4. Chiendetom Andanti

  5. Nattah Natures Dream

Graduate Dog (13:4a)

  1. Palmik King Arthur

  2. Crosscop Born to Move for Jubrancy

  3. Gazenorth Secret Service

​   4. Demerlay Charming Charlie

   5. Mithrandir Albatross

Post Graduate Dog (9:4a)

  1. Citycroft Fred Astaire

  2. Demerlay Charming Charlie

  3. Crosscop Bring me Sunshine of Hesli

  4. Blackstem be true to Me

  5. Courthbirch wind of change for Nattah

Mid Limit Dog (10:2a)

  1. Osterfen Janus

  2. Stonefox Ice Pick Willy at Runforest JW

   3. Zoraden Bright Star

   4. Jasarat Gucci

   5. Doddridge Secrte Passion

Limit Dog (15:3a)

  1. Aarminias Dragon Lord of DANLUKE

  2. Elamanash Glenfidditch

  3. Veredon another Valente

  4. Oakbark Marksman for Railfield   

  5. Stonefox Mean Mr Mustard

Open Dog (12:0a)

  1. Shalfleet HeatwaveJW

  2. Ch Collooney eye love you at Stonefox

  3. Ch Jothryn Future Legend with Mollytop Jw

  4. Richclass Run for Cover

  5. ​Ch Citycroft Sundae with Oxana JW ShCM ShCE x





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