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Judges Critique - Gill Andrew


It was a pleasure to judge the Open show held by the Midland Whippet Club and thanks go to my two stewards, Paul Seers and Colette Perkins for keeping the ring running smoothly which allowed me to complete judging before the rain came. Thank you also to all exhibitors who entered under me and accepting my placings in such a sportsmanlike way

Veteran Dog (4)

1.      Home & Fisher-Home’s BECSCOTT LESSONS DREAMER OF JASARAT. A 10 year old light brindle dog which is in very good shape for his age. He has a lovely head, with lengthy neck leading to good shoulder placement. Deep brisket with ribs carried well back and stepped out soundly on the move.

2.      Strong & Clinton’s MARLEBEN MAGIQ MARQUIS AT MACKJAMA ShCM – Another spritely veteran of lovely type. Again, similar comments to 1 above. Two lovely dogs who are a credit to their respective owners


Minor Puppy Dog (2)

1.      Neale’s RUNAROUND JAZZ SINGER AT STORMALONG. Very promising fawn puppy who has all the essentials but just needs to mature now. Attractive head, with long neck leading to good shoulder placement, good length of loin. Moved out well

2.      Rankine’s COLLOONEY DRAG QUEEN FOR CHAPLEIGH – brindle dog who again is of a lovely type. Beautiful head with the darkest of pigment, long neck, deep brisket with good tuck up. Strong quarters allowed him to drive around the ring. I’m sure both these pups have a bright future ahead of them.


Puppy Dog (6 – 1 abs)

1.      Wood’s ARDENCOTE WHAT A ROGUE. What a lovely puppy this is. Fawn parti with a lovely head and expression, long gently arched neck leading to a well set shoulder. Deep brisket with ribs carried well back. Good bladed bone with lovely tight feet. Strong loin with good quarters. Stepped out around the ring in great style. BPD and BPIS. I will be following his progress with great interest

2.      Woods’ ARDENCOTE WHAT A LEGEND – Litter brother to 1 but cast in a smaller frame. Sweet head with good pigment, long neck flowing to a lovely shoulder. Not quite as mature as his brother but a very nice pup indeed.



Junior Dog (3 – 1 abs)

1.      Hawkins’ MAIDENBOWER MAVERICK AT COPPERHAWK – Fawn dog who is a bit on the raw side at the moment. Needs to drop into his brisket but I’m sure this will come with maturity. Good strong quarters and nice tight feet.

2.      Miluk’s WESTWOOD PRINCE LIAM – Strongly built red fawn with white trim. Lovely head and pigment, with a very nice outline. Just lacked a little drive on the move today

Yearling Dog (2 -1 abs)

1.      Neale’s RUNAROUND STARMAN AT STORMALONG, JW. – What a lovely fawn dog this is. He exudes breed type and is so well balanced on the stack. Gorgeous head and pigment, long neck leading to a clean shoulder. Good bone with excellent tight feet Deep brisket with ribs well carried back, strong loin with powerful hindquarters which allowed him to move out with drive and precision showing good reach in front with lovely parallel movement. My hands just slid over his outline. Loved him. BD and BIS


Maiden Dog (2 – 1 abs)

1.      Wood’s ARDENCOTE WHAT A ROGUE (1st PD)

Novice Dog (0 entries)

Undergraduate Dog (3 – 2 abs)

1.      Webber’s ZORADEN PAINT IT BLACK. Brindle dog with the blackest of masks. Good neck and shoulders, very deep in brisket with strong quarters which he used to propel himself around the ring with great freedom. In good hard condition and was probably the fittest dog present.


Graduate Dog (2 – 1 abs)

1.      Lipton’s CHERUBIM’S RIOYAL PRINZ PETER (Imp ger) – A strongly made red brindle parti with lovely pigment, good depth, strong quarters but was a touch unsteady on the move today.


Post Graduate Dog (3)

1.      Trouton’s RUNNEL RUN FOR FUN – An old favourite of mine who I have judged before. Fawn dog with lovely head, neckset, shoulder and depth of brisket. Strong quarters with well let down hocks. Moved out freely and well to take this nice class.

2.      Anderson’s GAZENORTH SECRET SERVICE. Another lovely fawn dog with a very appealing expression, good strong neck and deep brisket. Strong loin leading to good quarters. Just as touch happy with his tail on the move today which unfortunately spoilt his outline a bit

3.      Leathart’s RINGMORE DALRYMPLE


Limit Dog (3)

1.      Price’s WHEELSPIN SILVER SHADOW AMONG SILKDANCE, JW. Again, a lovely fawn dog of excellent breed type which exudes quality. Good head and neck, well laid shoulder, deep brisket, strong loin and quarters, nice short hocks. Good bone and tight feet Moved well but I felt he just lacked a little sparkle in the challenge. Perhaps the humid conditions were not to his liking

2.      Home and Fisher-Home’s JIMANICA JUST DREAMING. Fawn with sparkling white trim, lovely pigment, deep brisket, strong long and powerful quarters Moved accurately.



Open Dog (8 – 2 abs)

1.      Shepherd’s CITYCROFT SUNDE WITH OXANA, JW, ShCM) – Striking red fawn dog who commands your attention. He has the darkest of pigment which sets off his great head to perfection. Long neck, leading into a lovely shoulder, bladed bone and excellent feet, deep brisket, plenty of length to his loin, strong quarters which he used to propel himself around the ring with great style and accuracy. RBD and RBIS

2.      Anderson’s BESCOTT OXFORD PIONEER. Brindle boy who is a heavier type than 1. Nice headpiece set onto a good neck, deep in brisket with a strong loin. Moved well



Veteran Bitch (7 – 1 abs)

1.      Mason’s APHRAEL CASTING PEARL – 9.5year old brindle bitch who is certainly carrying her years well and whose outline shows a beautiful S shape Sweet head and expression, long neck, deep brisket, good length of loin leading to strong quarters. Moved well BVIS

2.      Lawrence’s KEIRPARK MEMPHIS BELL WITH BRYNTREIA – a flashy brindle parti who was certainly enjoying her day out in the sunshine. Nicely made throughout with good lay shoulder and strong quarters. Moved well when she decided to co-operate with her handler.

3.      Leathart’s MOLVINE ZOE


Minor Puppy Bitch (4 – 2 abs)

1.      Webber’s ZORADEN FIFTY SHADES DARKER – black bitch dressed in the most glorious shiny jacket. She has lovely curves giving the desired S shape. Already possesses a lovely deep brisket with good infill, and excellent topline showing just the right amount of curve for her age Moved steadily and well. This young lady should give her owner plenty of fun in the ring in future. BPB

2.      Moncrieff’s RUNAROUND PROMISES – A very nice brindle bitch who was a little overawed today. She has a very nice outline but was unsettled on the move. I hope her confidence develops to allow her to show off her many attributes to better advantage


Puppy Bitch (8 – 2 abs)

1.      Leathart’s RINGMORE HECTATE – elegant shapely cream who again was of lovely breed type. Good head proportions with long neck and well set shoulders. Good bone and feet. Moved well

2.      Mason’s FALCONCRAG ROCK ON WITH APHRAEL - mainly white with a pretty brindle head. Good neck leading to well laid shoulder, another who possesses good depth of brisket with ribs well carried back. Strong quarters and moved soundly



Junior bitch 5 – 2 abs)

1.      Birds’s BLANDINGS EYE ON THE PRIZE - brindle with pleasing head and expression, good neck and shoulders, straight legs with good bone and tight feet. Strong in body showing a good outline which she kept on the move.

2.      Bass and Hall’s SHALFLEET ZANTE STAR AT SILVERFRITH – attractively marked brindle/white cast in a smaller mould than 1 above. The sweetest of expressions with lovely dark pigment, nice outline which she kept on the move but I felt she was feeling the heat just a touch today



Yearling bitch (4)

1.      Davies’ COLLOONEY BLACK VELVET PASHARIF – Lovely quality black with white points shown in gleaming condition. She has a super outline and is well angulated without exaggeration. Attractive head, long neck set into well laid shoulders, good depth with ribs well carried back. Moved soundly

2.      Moncrieff’s RUNAROUND SYMPHONY – litter sister to my BIS. Another lovely young bitch showing a very pleasing outline with good bone for her size Went very well on the move and was unlucky to meet 1 who was in such good form today



Maiden bitch (5 – 3abs)

1.      Woodcroft’s COBYCO COVER QUEEN – Sweet brindle bitch with pleasant head and expression, showing nice depth and length. Good quarters. Moved nicely

2.      Johnson’s CYANGRANGE SERENDIPI TEA – fawn bitch with a good shoulder, good outline, nice bone and feet. Moved soundly


Novice bitch (6)

1.     Home and Fisher-Home’s JASARAT SUGAR CANDY – Very pretty pale fawn bitch with dark pigment. Well balanced girl with lovely curves. Stepped out well with a free and accurate movement.

2.     Leathart’s RINGMORE HECTATE (1st in puppy bitch)

3.    Williamson’s WINDFLY ONNEROWN


Undergraduate bitch (5 – 2 abs)

1.      Moncrieff’s RUNAROUND HARMONY - Litter sister to my 2nd in yearling and the same comments apply. Two very nice youngsters.

2.      Moore’s ZORADEN SECRET SINS AT SUNWALKERS – Attractively marked parti with lovely dark pigment. Deep brisket and nice length of loin. Moved ok



Graduate bitch (5)

1.      Fisher’s MARLEBEN DREAM MAKER – Fawn bitch with pleasant outline. Nice head with good earset, good length of neck, deep brisket with good infill, good bone and feet, moved well holding her topline on the move

2.      Webber’s ZORADEN DARKEST WINGS, JW – glossy black in super hard, fit condition, excellent fine coat, very deep brisket, good quarters which she used to advantage on the move.



Post Graduate Bitch (5)

1.      Wilkinson’s CITYCROFT STARFALL JW Beautiful fawn bitch with the kindest of expressions, she has a lovely topline which she held on the move and used her strong quarters to good advantage which allowed her to show lovely front extension with good propulsion from the rear.

2.      Wignall’s CROSSCOP THE WONDER OF YOU AT STARSWIFT – Very unlucky to meet 1 above on such good form. Rich red fawn showing an elegant outline, lovely head set onto good long neck. Again another with a lovely topline which she held on the move.


Limit bitch (8 – 3 abs)

1.      Brown’s ARDENCOTE SWEET DESTINY FOR BLUESTREAK. Very pretty fawn/white parti who is of a lovely size Super head and expression with a lovely clean neck and shoulder. Showing the desired S shape, good for bone, and presented in lovely condition. Moved out well using her quarters correctly on the move. BB and BOS

2.      Mason’s VEREDEN GEEOR GAWPIN AT APHRAEL – fawn of a different type to one and showing a slightly more accentuated arch to her topline. Lovely lean head, with nice lay of shoulder, very deep brisket with good infill. Moved well



Open Bitch (5)

1.      Home and Fisher-Home’s CITYCROFT MY FAIR LADY OF JASARAT, JW, ShCM Rich fawn with a beautiful feminine head with good strong underjaw , Well constructed throughout with balanced outline Good bone and feet, Moved out well to take this class RBB

2.      Brown’s ARDENCOTE STAR MAKER – dam of my best bitch and has many of the same qualities. Lovely kind expression and possesses a nice long neck, deep brisket, long loin with pleasing topline. Strong quarters with well let down hocks. Moved well.


June Cross Memorial Stakes (9 – 5 abs)

1.      Osborne’s FLORANCY ABOVE AND BEYOND DEROHAN – lemon brindle with white trim who is well constructed and presents a flowing topline with clean underline. Good bone and feet, moved well and shown in lovely fit condition.


3.      Leathhart’s MOLVINE ZOE

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